NetWaffles is an abstract strategy game based on the classic boardgame Reversi, but with a multiplayer twist.

The game is played on a board measuring 8x8, 12x12, or 16x16 tiles across and ahead, with anywhere from 2 to 5 players.

At the beginning of the game each player chooses a waffle topping, and the game is played by players taking turns filling tiles on the board with their chosen topping, attempting to claim as much of the waffle as possible.

NOTE: Stay on your toes! By default, new players can join a game mid-match. So a 2-player game can turn into a 5-player game, forcing players to adapt and re-strategize. (This can be disabled in Advanced Prefs.)

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to control the most board tiles when the game ends. The game ends when all playable tiles on the board are filled.

Players control board tiles by claiming or capturing them (see Gameplay section below).

Initial Set-Up

The game begins by claiming two tiles for each player.

Opening formations vary depending on the number of players present:

2 players:
2 players
3 players:
3 players
4 players:
4 players
5 players:
5 players

NOTE: For games with 3 or 5 players, wildcards are used to balance the starting positions.

Once the opening formation is set, a player is then chosen at random to take the first turn. If present, A.I. players will always defer the first turn to a human player.


Players take turns claiming one board tile at a time, attempting to capture tiles already claimed by opponents.

A board tile is claimed when a player clicks/taps that tile on their turn.

Tiles are captured when a player flanks one or more tiles in a row, column, or diagonal line, with at least one tile on each end of the line filled with their topping.

Capturing a row:

Flank one side:
flank left
Flank the other side:
flank right
Capture tiles:
capture tiles

Capturing a column:

Flank one end:
flank top
Flank the other end:
flank bottom
Capture tiles:
capture tiles

Capturing a diagonal:

Flank one end:
flank top-right
Flank the other end:
flank bottom-left
Capture tiles:
capture tiles

Multiple lines of opposing tiles can be captured all at once:

Claim tile:
claim tile
Capture lines:
capture tiles

Claiming Tiles

A tile can only be claimed if the tile has at least one occupied adjacent tile.

valid vs invalid
valid vs invalid

A tile cannot be claimed if the tile is already occupied, or if the tile is out of bounds (see Out of Bounds section below).

If wildcard tiles are present they cannot be claimed, but they can be captured just like a claimed tile.

Claim tile:
claim tile
Capture wildcard:
capture tiles


NetWaffles game boards come in two shapes: round, and square.

Every tile on a square board is playable, but a round board will have "out-of-bounds" tiles near the corners. These out-of-bounds tiles cannot be played on or captured.


Winning the Game

Play continues until all playable board tiles have been claimed or captured.

When no playable tiles remain, the game ends and a winner is declared.

The winner is the player who controls the most tiles at the end of the game.

As a perk, the winning player is granted first turn on the next game if other players opt-in for a rematch. (In the event of a tie, first turn will be granted to a random player.)